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Key Facts

National Insurance Contributions


Class 1 (Earnings related)


Weekly earnings

First 157


157.01 - 866


Over 866




Weekly earnings

First 157


Over 157

Employees' rates are reduced to 5.85% for married women with valid certificates of election but the 2% rate above 866 still applies. Rates are nil for employees over the state pensionable age. Normal employers' contributions are still payable.
Employers' rates for employees under 21 and apprentices under 25 are nil on earnings up to 866 per week.

Employment allowance
(per employer) - 3,000 a year.
Class 1A and Class 1B - 13.8%
Class 2 (Self-employed) - Flat rate 2.85 a week. Small profits threshold 6,025 a year.
Class 3 (Voluntary contributions) - 14.25 a week.

Class 4 (Self-employed) - 9% of profits between 8,164 and 45,000 a year. 2% of profits above 45,000 per year.

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